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We fill job openings with driven individuals that have an interest in Marketing, sales, business and management. We fill 3 types of positions in 2 markets:

Internships in Kansas City, Internships in Omaha

Full time jobs in Kansas City and Omaha

Full time technical/management production. 

Echo gets real results

While our positions are not for everyone, we cater to several types of students & individuals to prepare them with real world training to get them ready for their chosen career. Even if that isn't with one of our companies.

Echo is able to cram a lot of experience into one summer session. We offer a proven platform that gives our representatives and Interns exposure to a wide variety of potential customers. This exposure gives them valuable communication experience. 

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Disclaimer- Echo Marketing Group recruits Sales, marketing, business and advertising majors accross the United States. We do direct marketing four our Mid West locations with real face to face cold calls. It is not easy get rich quick sales. This is real world marketing and good business training for any career or major. We pride ourselves in training our representatives to have the skills required to sell, advertise and run real businesses.

Echo Marketing Group

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