Our Legacy



Ryan has been in the industry for 18 years. He owns several companies and is a self made entrepreneur. He has done direct marketing for 8 seasons prior to starting his companies and now wants to help others become business owners like him. 



Ben has a wide range of sales and management experience. Beginning in the construction industry, he has been at the top of the leader board in sales. With over 15 years of sales and management experience, he offers a unique aspect to Ryan's companies. Ben is a regional manager and aids in running 3 branches.



 Adam has made his way to our marketing group with his 11 years of sales and management experience. He knows what it takes to put in the work to earn the reward. He now runs his own branch for Ryan and team leads his own sales group in Omaha, NE. 

Kansas City


 We have been in Kansas City since 2006 and have built a reputation of honesty and integrity with our employees and clients. We have branded our company to become the local household name in the Pest Control industry. 



 Omaha was our second location and has been a top local company since 2011. We have a strong reputation and high customer satisfaction ratings. We are now one of the largest Pest Control companies in the whole market, and we feel that we are just getting started. 



 Our internship program is growing. We need those that have the drive to be a success in business. We offer real life hands on training daily. That is what sets our program apart from others. This isn't a hand out t-shirts at the ball game internship, this is where you learn what you are made of. 

2017 & 2018 participants



Haydn started with us as a technician then transitioned into sales for 4 seasons. He was top in sales a couple years running. Haydn has proven what it takes to be successful in sales. His average earnings over the summer months was nearly $50k each summer.



Yullia was our first international student. She is studying international business at Columbia College. Yullia was successful because of the inner drive to create a better world. Her positive attitude helped her overcome any obstacle that she faced. She completed the internship and can say that she is proud of the accomplishment.



Hayden spent 3 years with us over the summers. He quickly found his groove and became successful. This summer was no exception. He only spent a short month with us but met his goal and also reached out to help other interns become more successful. 



Brad joined the team for the 2018 summer. He is now a senior at Mizzou finishing his degree in marketing. Brad ended up as the top intern for the 2018 season. Showing his determination to work hard to the end, we know that he will be a sucess in the near future.



Chris came to us from Mizzou. He helped pilot our internship program. Graduating in December of 2017 Chris accepted the challenge to join us and prepare his verbal & non-verbal skill to prepare him for his career. He was a strong and spirited part of our team this year. He is now working full time in his sales career.