We are Proud of our Service


Quality Pest Control

Our Pest Control companies offer a top tier service that is backed by an industry leading warranty. That's right, a warranty. We will warranty to our customers our service. We offer free re-services if their needs are more robust. We will return till the issues are resolved.

Seeing is believing

Often when you compare products side by side you clearly see major differences. Compare us to our compeditors and it just isn't fair. We just simply do more. We take the extra steps to provide a quality service, and we are priced right. 

This month's reviews

5 STAR REVIEW :     Great service and they do a thorough job! Austin is very professional and polite!!!   Rita C.

 5 STAR REVIEW :   Connor is hands down one of the BEST pest control people I’ve come in contact with, and let me tell you that’s A LOT of people. He was thorough and kind and made me feel comfortable. I trust his work 100% 

Lena D.


5 STAR REVIEW :    We contracted with Moxie for quarterly service, several years ago. Every service rep who has visited our home has been terrific. Jason was personable, polite and gracious. They are always eager & helpful finding appointments to suit our schedule. And most importantly, we are no longer battling ants or spiders.  Jayna F.

5 STAR REVIEW :   We recently had Chance and Kevin come out to do pest control and they were just so amazing. They walked around our property (like all of their pest controllers do) survey the area and then started treating the area around our home and inside our home. We have been with Moxie for several years and do not plan to change services. Chance and Kevin were polite, took their shoes off when inside and taught my children a few things about bugs! Thanks Moxie and thank you again Chance and Kevin.  Ami P.

 5 STAR REVIEW :     Always impressed with the friendliness of the office staff, particularly Ms Samantha. I called and... 

Pam L.

5 STAR REVIEW :     Casey did a great job! He was thorough and explained what he had done. Highly recommend him and Echo Pest Control!  Michelle G

5 STAR REVIEW :    Adam has been great. Responsive, clear descriptions of plans and activities. Traps were well set and effective. Thanks for going the extra mile and cleaning up some the mess as well. Real pros.  Dominic P.

5 STAR REVIEW :   We have used Echo Pest Control for several years, and they are always quick to come out and deal with any request such as bees twice in the past and a racoon currently.  Tom R.


5 STAR REVIEW :    Very friendly technicians and they do a good job  Frank V.

Piece of mind

The bottom line is that we offer a service that is necesary in the MidWest. We save you time, we do it right and we are proud of our service.

Our Sales force

We seek sales representatives that are honest and have integrity. We expect our representatives to be different than the others. We invest a lot of time in their training and they in turn help uphold the image that we expect. Their compensation packages are impressive. The potential to earn big is up to them.The sky is the limit on their ability to earn. They are also real employees, not independent contractors. Our employees really become family.

Links to the local branches

www.echopestcontrol.com                                                                        www.moxiepestcontrolkc.com